Mosh provides prescription and non-prescription hair loss treatment in Australia. The entire process is conducted online—their doctors can diagnose hair loss without seeing you in person.

Mosh is a men’s health digital clinic that provides health advice and treatment to Australian men. They treat a range of conditions affecting men, including acne, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Your treatment is personalised and delivered to your doorstep discreetly.

How Does Mosh Work? 

  1. You’ll fill in a short questionnaire. This may take around 3-7 minutes. You’ll be asked about the following:
    • The pattern and stage of hair loss
    • If you’re looking to stop hair loss or regrow hair or both
    • When you first noticed hair loss
    • Your medical history, age, overall health, and family history of medical conditions
    • Your current medical conditions and medications
    • If you’ve tried anything for hair loss before
  2. Your doctor will recommend a personalised plan that suits you. This may include either topical or oral medications or both. You’ll receive a recommendation within 48 hours.
  3. You may choose to call, text, or video chat with your doctor to discuss any concerns or questions and receive more details about your treatment plan.
  4. You’ll receive your prescription refill every 3 months.

What Does Mosh Offer? 

Mosh offers both prescription medications and a non-prescription range. 

Non-Prescription Range

The non-prescription range is suitable for those who aren’t ready to consult a doctor yet. The non-prescription range consists of:

  • Keep Hair Vitamin
  • Better Shampoo & Conditioning Conditioner
  • Minoxidil 5%

Keep Hair Vitamin

Each tablet consists of various vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that may help boost your hair health and growth. Essentially, these components function to prevent hair thinning and support the development of healthy hair follicles.

The Keep Hair Vitamin contains saw palmetto, vitamin B2, biotin, silicon, potassium iodide, and selenomethionine. Use it alone or with other hair loss treatment products, and take one tablet once daily.

Better Shampoo & Conditioning Conditioner

This pair of hair products may help you get a thicker and healthier head of hair. Both consist of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, saw palmetto, and healthy oils to clean and repair damaged, frail strands. You can use these with other medicated products. 

Topical Minoxidil 5% 

Topical minoxidil is available without a prescription in Australia. When ordering this product through Mosh, a pharmacist will assess your request to ensure that it is suitable for you. Additionally, your order for minoxidil will include a Mosh membership, meaning you’re entitled to unlimited medical support. This topical minoxidil product from Mosh comes as a spray, which you’d have to use twice a day. 

Prescription Range

The treatment plan offered generally falls into two categories: 

  • For prevention OR regrowth
  • For prevention AND regrowth 

Prescription hair loss treatment will require you to have an online visit with one of the independent doctors working with Mosh. 

The ingredients of their prescription medications aren’t explicitly stated on the website since Australian law doesn’t allow this. However, users are likely to receive oral minoxidil, oral finasteride, or a mixture of both.

How Does Mosh Treat Hair Loss? 

On their website, Mosh states that their prescription medications may help in two ways. The first one prevents the breakdown of testosterone into DHT, a hormone thought to contribute to the balding process. From user reviews and experiences, this medication is likely finasteride. 

The second prescription medication widens the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair follicle. This medication helps get rid of old hairs and enables new ones to grow. Users have mentioned receiving oral minoxidil in their pills, which is likely the ingredient described.

Who Can Get Mosh? 

Mosh focuses on men’s health. Currently, they only provide treatment to men experiencing hair loss. If you’re looking for prescription or non-prescription options, then Mosh would be a convenient and fuss-free option for you. 

How Much Is Mosh? 

For their prescription treatment plans, the current pricing is as follows:- 

  • Treatment for prevention OR regrowth: $40/month
  • Treatment for prevention AND regrowth: $70/month

These prices are just estimates, and they may vary slightly depending on your personalised plan. The subscription plans are also inclusive of delivery and unlimited doctor consultations. 

For their non-prescription range:-

  • Keep Hair Vitamin costs $60/3 months.
  • Better Shampoo & Conditioning Conditioner costs $60/3 months.
  • Minoxidil 5% costs $79/3 months. 
  • Hair Starter Kit (Includes Shampoo & Conditioner, Keep Vitamin, Minoxidil 5%) costs $199/3 months.
Hair loss treatment delivered to your door

Mosh Reviews 

On Trustpilot 

Mosh scored 4.6/5 stars on Trustpilot. 

What’s Good 

Users love that Mosh does what it says. According to reviewers, Mosh is a no-nonsense company that delivers treatment in a very convenient manner. Many users state that the questionnaire is easy to fill in. Plus, users are generally pleased with the discrete delivery of the products and services, especially since each consultation happens online. 

Because some men generally feel embarrassed seeking treatment face-to-face with a physician, they love that Mosh provides a user-friendly alternative that safeguards their privacy. 

On top of that, numerous customers have experienced impressive results with Mosh. They describe a thicker and fuller head of hair, and some have even confirmed hair regrowth after several months of Mosh. They notice that the new hairs are healthier and stronger, and several users have also noted reduced recession at their hairline. 

A large handful of users also compliment the prompt services and support provided by friendly doctors, pharmacists, and staff.

Plus, several users who have tried the minoxidil spray are pleased with it. According to them, it has helped slow the balding process and is pretty easy to use. 

What’s Not So Good 

While Mosh has garnered an array of positive reviews, some users are not as satisfied with what they got. 

Their subscription costs can be a little high, and some users have experienced side effects from the medications. Every medication comes with the risk of side effects, and you may need to discuss dose adjustments with your doctor to find something suitable for you. 

In addition to that, several users have mentioned that their delivery services can run late. So there may be a chance of receiving a late shipment supply. A few also note that the doctor consultations feel a little rushed, meaning there could be a lack of time and space to get your questions and concerns addressed well.

Reviews on Reddit 

The verdict is mixed from the handful of reviews shared by users on Reddit. Some are happy with the ease and convenience provided by Mosh. They note that with Mosh, the treatment, resources, advice, and support you need is available at your fingertips. 

However, some Redditors have also shared their concerns about the subscription prices. It definitely isn’t the cheapest in the market, and going to see a GP or dermatologist personally is more cost-effective. 

Comparing Mosh To The Hairy Pill and Pilot

All three brands offer hair loss treatment and operate via an online model. They are available in Australia, and you’ll have your treatment delivered to your home.

Mosh Vs. The Hairy Pill

MoshThe Hairy Pill
Offers prescription and non-prescription hair loss treatmentOffers only prescription treatment
Topical and oral treatment availableOnly oral treatment is available
Treats conditions related to men’s healthTreats hair loss only
For men onlyFor men and women
See our review in full: The Hairy Pill Review

Mosh Vs. Pilot

Mosh and Pilot share some features in common:-

  • Both are a men’s telehealth platform
  • Both treat only men
  • Both offer prescription and non-prescription options
5% minoxidil available in non-prescription rangeTopical minoxidil may be included in your prescription treatment plan
The first doctor consult is free, even if you don’t choose to move forward with MoshThe first doctor’s consult costs $20.
See our review in full: Pilot Hair Loss Review
Final Takeaway

Mosh caters to those who want something easy, discrete, quick, and convenient. If you’re losing hair and getting concerned, one way to skip the lines, waiting time, awkwardness, and doctor visits is to seek treatment and advice from Mosh.

You’ll receive free doctor consults and follow-ups over time from the comfort of your home, allowing them to assess if your treatment is safe and effective.

Of course, the treatment is unlikely to cure balding. Hair loss may recur if you choose to stop treatment.

Since Mosh focuses on men’s health, women may consider another Australian provider called The Hairy Pill. They offer hair loss treatment for women as well.