Pilot is a telehealth platform in Australia that provides hair loss treatment to men. The entire process happens online, and you’ll be treated by Australian doctors and pharmacists.

Pilot provides healthcare to Aussie men, covering a range of medical conditions, including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, cold sores, and acne.

Their hair loss treatment is designed by Dr Knudsen, an Australian hair loss expert with over 30 years of experience in treating male pattern baldness, the most common cause of hair loss in men.

How Does Pilot Work? 

1. The process of getting treatment begins with you signing up for an account with your full name and email. Next, you’ll have to create a password. 

2. Once you’ve signed up, the online assessment begins. It would take about 4-8 minutes to fill the questionnaire. You’ll be asked about the following:-

  • Your age, height and weight 
  • Your hair loss pattern and duration 
  • Family history of hair loss and other medical conditions 
  • How much body hair you have
  • Whether you’ve tried anything to treat your hair loss
  • Whether you’re currently taking any medications or supplements
  • Whether you have any medical conditions or allergies

3. You’ll pay $20 for your first doctor consultation. The doctor will assess the information collected and your condition. If your doctor deems that treatment is suitable, they will recommend a treatment plan. 

4. Once your treatment is discussed and confirmed, the pharmacy will ship your package to your doorstep. 

What Does Pilot Offer? 

Pilot offers personalised prescription treatment for hair loss. You’ll also have non-prescription options. 

Non-Prescription Range

The Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner bundle is a non-prescription option for those not ready to talk to a doctor or start on medicated products. 

They may help to support the development of healthier follicles and thicker hair. Both contain similar core ingredients, including saw palmetto, aloe vera, biotin, niacinamide, zinc, amino acids, caffeine, and ginseng. 

Prescription Range

Two main pharmaceutical ingredients can treat male pattern baldness. This condition is the most common cause of balding. According to Pilot, both these ingredients are available to their Australian patients. However, due to Australian laws, they are not permitted to reveal them on their website. 

What Pilot offers is a personalised capsule to be taken once daily. The ingredients and doses are adjusted based on your condition and needs. 

How Does Pilot Treat Hair Loss? 

The pharmaceutical ingredients are not explicitly mentioned on their site. But what they do talk about is how these ingredients work. 

The first one is an oral medication that functions by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is thought to contribute to hair loss. Based on user experience and the description given, this medication is likely finasteride. 

Another treatment they offer is a topical medication applied directly to the scalp. It helps stop and slow the blading process, and some men will experience regrowth. This medication is likely topical minoxidil. 

While topical minoxidil isn’t a prescription medication, most telehealth platforms such as Pilot and Mosh will have measures in place to ensure it’s safe and suitable for you. 

In the case of Pilot, having a doctor review your information and discuss your options with you will enable them to decide if topical minoxidil is worth a shot. 

Who Can Try Pilot? 

As of now, Pilot offers treatment to men experiencing hair loss. Pilot is suitable for those who seek convenience and wish to give waiting rooms a miss. You’ll no longer have to be at the doctor’s physically, and your resupplies are automatically sent to your doorstep every three months. Everything happens online, but this perk comes with extra costs. 

If you don’t mind making a trip to the doctor for treatment and prescription refills, that would be more cost-effective. 

Pilot’s hair loss treatment is unlikely to be a permanent cure for balding. If you choose to stop your treatment, you may experience hair loss once more.

Perhaps you’re looking to have several men’s health issues treated. You may consider Pilot, in that case. It is, after all, a one-stop telehealth centre staffed by independent doctors experienced in tackling a range of men’s health conditions.

How Much Is Pilot? 

The shampoo and conditioner bundle costs $55. The personalised capsule starts at $1.77/day or $149/3 months. 

The exact pricing may vary from person to person, depending on your doctor’s recommendation. However, expect to pay around $90 and $158 for a two-month hair loss treatment supply. 

The first doctor consultation will cost you $20, but every other follow-up after that is included in your subscription package. 

Pilot Reviews On Trustpilot 

Pilot’s overall score is 4.6/5 stars.

What’s Good 

Many users have shared their success stories with Pilot. A large handful of users opting for their hair loss treatment have experienced reduced hair loss. Some even noticed hair regrowth. A few observed improvements a few weeks into treatment, but most users only started seeing results after a few months of consistent use. 

What users love is the convenience offered. They describe the entire process as quick and efficient, and many are delighted to skip the embarrassment of seeing a doctor face-to-face. Those who have busy lifestyles and schedules find that Pilot offers a time-saving solution for hair loss. 

Some customers have also complimented the professionalism of the customer service staff and doctors. They mention that the doctors are skilled and experienced and provide information clearly and succinctly. 

What’s Not So Good 

Pilot’s subscription prices spark mixed opinions and reviews. Some feel that the prices were well worth the trouble saved. But other users are not keen on the expensive subscription fees. Plus, according to a few users, the tedious cancellation process adds fuel to the fire. 

On top of that, several users have mentioned a lack of personal touch when communicating via email. You may sometimes receive doctor feedbacks and emails that feel like a template response. They describe it as ‘copy-paste’ replies. 

Comparing Pilot To Mosh And The Hairy Pill

These three companies based in Australia offer hair loss treatment online. Nonetheless, they differ in some ways. 

Pilot Vs. Mosh 

Pilot and Mosh share some similarities:

  • Both cover men’s health (various conditions)
  • Both treat hair loss in men only
  • Both offer prescription and non-prescription options
  • Both offer oral and topical options

But they differ in a few aspects:

No topical minoxidil in the non-prescription range5% topical minoxidil offered under the non-prescription range
First doctor consult costs $20First doctor consult is free, even if you decide not to move forward with the treatment plan.
See our review in full: Mosh Hairloss Review

Pilot Vs. The Hairy Pill

PilotThe Hairy Pill
Prescription and non-prescription options offeredOnly prescription options offered.
Topical and oral medications availableOral pill
Treats a range of men’s health issuesTreats hair loss only
For men onlyFor men and women
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Final Takeaway

Seeing a doctor for hair loss treatment may be awkward and time-consuming. Say you want something straightforward and convenient that’s delivered to your doorstep. If so, Pilot is an option to consider.

Since Pilot does not treat hair loss in females, women may wish to try out the Hairy Pill, another Australian-based online platform that treats hair loss in both genders.