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We wish there was an instant and magic cure for hair loss… but Minoxidil comes pretty darn close.

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Does Minoxidil really work?

The efficacy of minoxidil is not in doubt. It has been found in many trials that it has great efficacy for the majority of participants and there are numerous anecdotes online documenting it’s efficacy. The rate of growth differs from person to person. On average, You should start noticing growth by the 4th or 5th month, Although it’ll only start being noticeable by the 6th month. Facial hair growth should be noticeable sooner.

Which brand of Minoxidil should I get?

There is no difference in terms of efficacy between brands. Since Minoxidil is a generic medication, it’s suggest that you consider some of the cheaper options instead of going directly for the bigger brands. It’s also recommend trying a different brand each time until you find one that works best for you.

Will Minoxidil cause sexual disfunction?

This seems to be a frequent question which is why it’s included. Minoxidil does not cause sexual dysfunction. It’s possibly confused with side effects of the drug most commonly used alongside Minoxidil; Finasteride.

Should I use liquid or foam Minoxidil?

It’s recommend to start with liquid. If it causes too much local skin irritation, consider switching to a foam version which is a bit more expensive as they won’t include ingredients like alcohol and propelyne glycol (PG) which is an inactive ingredient in topical minoxidil.